Friday, March 23, 2018

View Point of Mayella Ewell:

I am doing the viewpoint of Mayella Ewell. One of the things that happened in the novel is that Mayella told Tom to cut up a chiffarobe that was in her house and she would pay him a nickel. The second thing that happened in the novel is that Mayella said that Tom raped her and started hurting her around the gullet. The third thing is that she went to court and started telling her side of the story. The fourth thing is that happened is when Tom went up she started getting scared a little bit. And the last thing is when Atticus tossed a cup to Tom he catched it and Mayella got scared. Two things that did not happen in the book that I think should be in the book are that Mayella was making up the whole story and she was dreaming. And the second thing is that maybe her dad saw things and nothing really happened. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Book Talk

 I am going to tell a really good question that some people did not know but, did you know that only 34,000 people commit suicide every 15 minutes. A quote from 13 Reasons Why is “You can not stop the future”. The scene takes place in multiple places like a school,home. The main character is Clay Jensen. The book that I am reading is 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher.
So Clay Jensen is a  shy high school student and he returns home and there is a package by his front door. It contains 7 mix tapes that was recorded by a fellow classmate Hannah Baker, who has committed suicide just recently.  The main conflict is Clay is upset because a good friend of his just committed suicide.
The main issue of my book is suicide.  It is affected by 34,000 people worldwide. People can benefit to stop suicide is maybe their parents or their friends so they can talk to them.
In my own opinion I would have to say that it is a really good book to read. I had this feeling where right when I read the first page I wanted to continue the book because the author made so right when you read the first page you want to finish the book. I would have to say the character because  he develops them really good. When Clay saw  cassettes on his patio that Hannah Baker sent to him that gave him clues. Yes, I would recommend this book. I would give this book  5 stars on Goodreads.
Just to remind you guys what my book is it is called 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I really liked this book because it gives really good details. A quote from the book is “You can’t stop the future.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Bully Open Letter

Dear Bullies,

I don't see why I am writing a letter to you guys but I'm glad that I am because if I don't then I won't be able to hear back from you without getting beat up if I try to talk to you. I remember those years where I was called names and picked at that made me feel sad about myself. I felt like yesterday I was sitting alone on the kitchen floor just thinking why is this happening to me? Why was this happening to me I was a hard worker at school and at home I was happy and filled with joy and despite that it was my own brothers who have been bullying me was hard. I feel put down and not going to be built up when I get bullied.

I felt like my own brothers were turning their backs on me and not paying attention which makes me feel upset and my feelings are hurt sorrowfully. I had a lot of thoughts going around in my head like why is my own brothers picking on me.  I was almost in tears when they call me a boy and mean names and not my actual name that I was given. I was really close to my second oldest brother but now it's like we are tearing apart from each others kindness. Can't my brothers just be nice to me I mean how hard can it be.

In conclusion, that is what I have to say about getting bullies. I feel that other people can read this and help stand up for bullying and maybe prevent it. I wish for just one day people won't be bullied I am praying that other people can help other people that are getting bullied. I want other people to go out and stop bullying. Why do people bully other poor innocent people that don't harm them in any way shape or form. That is all I have to say about being bullied and I hope that it never happens again to anybody including on of your family members or close friends.